Note that it is near-monthly. It is 30 day after you last entered, so keep note of the date and time you entered and then add 30 days to the minute.

Posted by: 123ABC on September 20, 2016

it will let you know if your too early, I won this and took my trip last year, what a awesome time, wonder if i can win twice on this one lol

Posted by: tomgirl on September 22, 2016

nice win !!! of course you can win twice usually it would mean you beat unsurmountable odds to win !!! hahaha gL !!!

Posted by: newamsterdam on September 26, 2016

Yup I did have good luck the year I won two boats within 13 months of each other lol

Posted by: tomgirl on October 9, 2016

congrats tomgirl

Posted by: harriette on October 14, 2016

Tomgirl, which trip did you choose? Did they allow you to extend it? How many hours a day are you contesting? 2 boats in 13 months !! Awesome !!

Posted by: Anne (Anon in Van) on October 26, 2016

LOL, well i used to spend more time contesting, but i still try to put in two hours a day, but sometimes more, okay I choose the trip for four to cape canavrel, and yes they did they were awesome, we went two days, early and had booked a cruise, which of course we paid for and the extra two days at hotel, but still got a good rate, and with the hotel, we had a choice of about five, but we picked cocoa beach and just litterly a two minute through the back part to the beach.. so after the cruise we came back and enjoyed then the prize which was i think three or four nights, it included the tour etc. it did not cost us anything more to extend everything other than the extra two nights in hotel.. which was nice free breakfast and wifi.. very nice place, pick up and delivery to and from the cruise , the hotel etc.. and its for four so it was nice, but someone else said they did the yosemeti one

Posted by: tomgirl on November 11, 2016

Won't take my postal code?

Posted by: NorthernChris on December 1, 2016

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