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Posted by: lammep6925 on January 5, 2017

Is there a Canadian form ? I am not able to submit the form because it asks for a state . I tried to view the rules for the contest , but they are blank . Thanks!

Posted by: chrism on January 5, 2017

Used lammep's Mine:

Posted by: dedevan99 on January 5, 2017

From The Rules:
6. PRIZE CONDITIONS & RESTRICTIONS: Potential winner must take delivery of the prize no earlier than November 7, 2017 and no later than November 18, 2017 at RTM Productions LLC., 130 Southeast Parkway Court, Franklin, TN 37064 or prize will be forfeited. The winner will be solely responsible for all federal, state and local taxes (including but not limited to income taxes and sales taxes), registration, license, title and insurance fees and for all costs and expenses associated with acceptance, delivery of and/or use of all elements of the prize, in whole or in part, not specified herein, including but not limited to all taxes, fees, insurance, travel costs and expenses, shipping costs and/or any other expenses associated with acceptance, use of and/or taking delivery of the prize. Potential winner is solely and exclusively responsible for possessing a current, valid driver’s license before taking possession and delivery of prize.

Posted by: LaurieMom on January 5, 2017

I used ded's link. My link is:

Posted by: intensev5 on January 5, 2017

no form for Canadians to enter

Posted by: christina54 on January 5, 2017

I used intensev's, mine is

Posted by: ddharris42 on January 5, 2017

used ddharis

Posted by: frizzabella on January 5, 2017

I use frizz

Posted by: lmabrams on January 5, 2017

used lmabrams'

Posted by: zhunter76 on January 5, 2017

Used zhunter76's, here's mine:

Posted by: Bogdobbler on January 5, 2017

Used Bogdobbler's. Here's mine

Posted by: cfredric on January 6, 2017

Used cfrs:

Posted by: Mog on January 6, 2017

used Mog's, mine is:

Posted by: AnnaNgo on January 6, 2017

Used Anna's

Posted by: WinningWifey on January 7, 2017

used WinningWifey
mine is

Posted by: willkwok on January 8, 2017

Used wilys THANKS!!

Posted by: Tyroneshoelaces on January 10, 2017

Used Tyrone

Posted by: stardancer on January 10, 2017

used stardancer

Posted by: Limecat on January 12, 2017

Used limecat link. Here is mine:

Posted by: KNAC on January 12, 2017

Used knac

Posted by: cfredric on January 13, 2017

used cf's, mine is:

Posted by: AnnaNgo on January 13, 2017

I used Anna's; mine is:

Posted by: blondie20132 on January 14, 2017

used blondie's

Posted by: heartonelove on January 14, 2017

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