This should be in the weekly entry sweeps - Limit you may enter four (4) times per Monthly Entry Period

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Posted by: anonymous on February 28, 2017

Linda does have it mentioned in the description that it is limited to 4 entries per month, but when I checked earlier, I didn't see that it was limited to one entry per week. I only saw that it said 4 entries per monthly entry period. So I entered 4 times today since it was the last day of the monthly entry period. Maybe I missed something about a one entry per week limit? It wouldn't be the first time I missed something LOL.

Posted by: Kmn711 on February 28, 2017

its supposed to be a survey about your experience, but I never saw a Little Caesar's in my life! nonetheless it apparently took my entry. Good idea Kmn had about entering 4x one day each month--this way you get your entries, & you won't forget or be DQ'd. (PS, Kmn, when I win the $1k%, you're invited over for pizza)

Posted by: sirlaffalot on March 1, 2017

Thanks sirlaffalot. I love pizza, but now that you mention it, I never had Little Caesars pizza either. We have a Caesars around us, but we get our pizza from a small "no name" family owned pizzeria in the neighborhood. We like to support small businesses. But I'd be happy to take Little Caesars money from this contest though! Good luck!

Posted by: Kmn711 on March 1, 2017

The little town I live in only has 3000 people and we have a Little Caesars, but I don't like their pizza's that much.

Posted by: oleput6 on April 4, 2017

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