So far so good. 1 NPN came quickly last night and both purchases today went through. I've won 2 tall coffees off of 3 plays! Good luck all.

Posted by: 123ABC on March 17, 2017

Me too just got my npn, it's same like their contest they had last year

Posted by: Parallel on March 17, 2017

Do we have to play "morning edition" in the morning? Because I used the link in the free play email I got and nothing happens. I don't get an Instant Win Game play.

Posted by: kerrismom on March 17, 2017

I won a breakfast sandwich off the NoPurchaseEntry today !

Posted by: tinareena on March 17, 2017

won 10 bonus stars

Posted by: Nicole on March 17, 2017

How to you get the NPN PIN? I can't seem to find it.

Posted by: zcb257 on March 18, 2017

Sign in, then when map comes up, look for this at the bottom of the page-It is very small,
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A Purchase of any kind will not increase your chances of winning. *To enter without making a purchase, click here.

Posted by: sandyt on March 18, 2017

I also won Breakfast sandwich and 10 stars for me with the NPN.

Kerrismom - the instant win is up in the top right hand corner. Click on it and the games open.

Posted by: Pansy on March 18, 2017

Thank you Pansy. I don't know if I would have noticed that if you hadn't brought it to my attention.

Posted by: kerrismom on March 18, 2017

Breakfast sandwich for me too :3

Posted by: Parallel on March 18, 2017

2 free tall coffees so far!

Posted by: teenymaru on March 18, 2017

I have been able to get two free plays without purchase daily from the same computer

Posted by: mamaanon on March 19, 2017

I got 10 bonus stars on the free play...but...I have no idea how to get stars at the store ...anyone know? I do have an account...

Posted by: sunburnitches on March 19, 2017

Thanks Sandy!

Posted by: zcb257 on March 19, 2017

free tall coffee yeah !

Posted by: janice on March 19, 2017

@kerrismom :To get two free plays a day, I had to close my browser after the first play; otherwise, my computer signed in automatically and I wouldn't get a second play.
Also, I won a breakfast sandwich :)

Posted by: zebrastripes on March 20, 2017

@sunburnitches To get stars at a Starbucks store, you need to register an account with Sbux and then either load money onto a registered gift card or download, use, and pay with the Starbucks app. The standard reward is 2 stars per whole dollar spent. You need 125 stars to get a free product. They have many bonus days / targeted emails with offers for multiple stars. Stars expire after awhile (6-12 months). Also when you register your account, they'll give you a free beverage on your birthday. There should be brochures in-store about how the program works.

Posted by: 123ABC on March 20, 2017

free tall coffee and 5 stars today !

Posted by: janice on March 20, 2017

I got tall coffee as well.

Posted by: Parallel on March 21, 2017

I haven't won anything yet :/

Posted by: beleroph on March 23, 2017

This application will be able to:

Access my profile information.
Access my Starbucks Card transactions.
Access information about my payment methods.
Access information about Starbucks Rewards.

Posted by: anonymous on March 24, 2017

I won a tall coffee

Posted by: Flower on March 25, 2017

I won a tall brewed tea

Posted by: Flower on March 26, 2017

Doing great on this one ..Won free tall coffee and 10 stars so far .
Good luck to all

Posted by: janice 16 hours ago

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