This one is not for cheaters: they do verify the info, including wine vintage and server's name.

Posted by: anonymous on July 14, 2017

I'll do what I did last year and find the servers on website. There's no way to actually verify if you give the proper server name and wine...

Posted by: lemmiwinks on July 14, 2017

Last years winner: In July, Linda Appleyard enjoyed a glass of Moselland Ars Vitis
Riesling served by Christopher Horobec at the Laronde Restaurant located in the Chateau Lacombe Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta. I know for a fact that they verified that she was actually there. Save your cheating for another contest.

Posted by: anonymous on July 14, 2017

Rules say "No purchase necessary" to enter but the form requires you to fill the German Riesling you've tried. I don't think they will let you go to the restaurant to try it for free. Where's the NPN??

Posted by: LT on July 14, 2017

"I know for a fact that they verified that she was actually there. " - yes because every restaurant who serves German Riesling has cameras at each table to log everyone who drinks it. Or they take sworn statements when you sign for your bill? Also what is the server you enter in the contest supposed to say "yes I definitely remember serving Bernie a glass of Riesling 3 months ago on a Friday night". give me a break you are so dense. I bet you think all these sites track auto-fill forms as well right :P

Posted by: lemmiwinks on July 14, 2017

LT. I also had the same question and aleady asked them on fb and email. Waiting for reply.

Posted by: Shosh1 on July 14, 2017

Reply from sponsor: One can visit one of the participating restaurants, request the name of the German wine available and the name of server and consequently visit the website to enter the contest with this information.

Posted by: Shosh1 on July 14, 2017

Thanks Shosh1. I also emailed because there are no participating restaurants in my entire province and I would like my entries to count!
The reply included the name of restaurants in another province! Here is the reply:
'We do have two restaurants closest to you participating in the Maritimes (The Old Triangle Alehouse in Sydney, and Agricola in Halifax). One can visit these participating restaurants to obtain the information needed to participate in the 31 days of German Riesling.'
I remember they had this contest other years as well and I entered then too! Good luck folks!

Posted by: paula3kids on July 15, 2017

I don't think the trip was flying only from Toronto in their past contests. I am in the east and that is flying backwards for me! :-) I am going to skip this one for this year! Best of luck to you all!

Posted by: paula3kids on July 15, 2017

I would recommend going into an establishment's web page, checking the German Riesling wines they serve and then googling a review of this place for a server's name.

Posted by: Shosh1 on July 15, 2017

Try taking a break from contesting and go out and enjoy a nice meal and a glass a wine.

Posted by: anonymous on July 15, 2017

A night out sounds like a great idea, but you could also call one of the restaurants.

Posted by: anonymous on July 15, 2017

no lol

Posted by: Parallel on July 15, 2017

Remember when entering contests was filling in a form then moving on to the next one? Restaurant and server name! FFS

Posted by: jkd on July 21, 2017

the point is to TRY tasting wine hence the sponsor so you may just like it & purchase in future... by doing so enter contest to win Germany trip ...gosh peeps do your part and ya might just win!

Posted by: anonymous on July 23, 2017

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