BTSMAGIC flyer code

Posted by: kim k on August 12, 2017

Thanks, kim

Posted by: warrior1 on August 12, 2017

Here's another code: TSCMAGIC

Posted by: lin13 on August 12, 2017

Thank you for the codes!

Posted by: Beigewood on August 12, 2017

Thank you So Much !!! Good Luck :)

Posted by: SandyC on August 12, 2017

Thanks for the codes!

Posted by: cassmat on August 15, 2017

Does anyone have the code for August 15? Thank you.

Posted by: anonymous on August 15, 2017

An entrant may not submit an Entry on behalf of any other person, including
without limitation but for greater certainty, another member of his/her household.

Posted by: Parallel on August 15, 2017

There's a link to the flyer on the main page where you can find the code!/flyers/theshoecompany-catalog?flyer_run_id=259035

Posted by: BrendaRochelle on August 15, 2017

(see Parallel's comment above) I'm glad that they incorporate the language in the rules, but the only way to stop the cheaters is to program the entry as 1/IP. Consumers do not have much of a chance when contest pros enter 24/7 for several people/critters at a time.

Posted by: anonymous on August 15, 2017

Anonymous complaining about cheaters again lol

Posted by: Beigewood on August 17, 2017

And btw I agree that the best way to level the playing field is to stipulate 1 per IP. Next best option IMO are single entry contests, then you have the same chance as everyone else. I don't even bother entering unlimited contests because it's my assumption that there are ppl who enter 24/7 but unless they are using a program to constantly enter I still don't consider it cheating... Just maniacal dedication!

Posted by: Beigewood on August 17, 2017

I'm curious about these trip for 4...if you are a family of 5 can you pay for the additional child (flight/accomodation/food) with no issue?

Posted by: jatherton on August 18, 2017

Or, what if you dont have children. Can you still enter the contest?

Posted by: shzz on August 19, 2017

jatherton I've heard of others in the past being able to pay for an extra person but it's probably up to this sponsor.
shzz I don't see why not, it would save them money.

Posted by: Cairine on August 20, 2017

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