Can't see where I hit submit...?

Posted by: sj7 on October 12, 2017

This should be odd - you can enter unlimited times

Posted by: Shosh1 on October 12, 2017

You can only enter 10 times without a pin. 1) register first, 2) find the little man icon.

Posted by: anonymous on October 12, 2017

10 times per day without purchase

Posted by: Parallel on October 12, 2017

Yes when I go to register for the contest, there is no place to submit entry.

Posted by: oddbod on October 12, 2017

Check all the boxes on the form and then it will let you scroll down all the way and then just uncheck the last two and you are good to go

Posted by: abluesgirl on October 12, 2017

To access the game you have to re-login every time too (which is very poor usability design).

Posted by: anonymous on October 12, 2017

Oddbod. I had the same problem. I figured out if I went to the right edge of the form ( not the screen) , pressed and scrolled down, I could move the form down to the submit button.

Posted by: Dinny on October 12, 2017

I did all 10 entries at once, no need to resign in for me.

I was on my iPad

Posted by: anonymous on October 12, 2017


Posted by: anonymous on October 12, 2017

I tried this in Edge, Chrome and IE but I cannot find a submit button anywhere. I tried ticking all the boxes but that didn't do anything.

Posted by: seb777 on October 12, 2017

I see a submit button (on the registration form) in Safari, FF and Chrome. Not sure why you're not.

Posted by: AJJ on October 12, 2017

For those who don't get to the submit button, there is a thin red line on the right on the entry form, not quite at the edge. Scroll down that red line! The form will move down then.

Posted by: Dinny on October 12, 2017

My issue is assigning ballots, I enter the number next to the prize, but the tally still shows 0 and Submit won t work. I m on an iPad so can t tab to refresh the number. Any ideas?

Posted by: CLG on October 12, 2017

Nvm-I figured it out

Posted by: CLG on October 12, 2017

this is a five and a half month, contest.

just know what you are getting into.

Posted by: typhoon on October 12, 2017

thphoon, That is the issue!. Forms worked great for me but this is time consuming and there are 170 days to go!

Posted by: kewlshopper on October 12, 2017

everything worked smoothly for me

Posted by: Parallel on October 12, 2017

I don't get this game at all. I hovered over every spot of the screen but didn't see anything but still got a ballot.

Posted by: lemmiwinks on October 12, 2017

Have to hit the submit button several times before it will go through...very time consuming contest...I think I'll be passing on this one. Good luck to all that enter.

Posted by: SUZIEQ on October 12, 2017

Hi Lemmiwinks
You get a maximum of 5 ballots if you find Guissepe within a few seconds and then only 4 etc as the timer counts down....they give you 1 ballot even if you didn't find him though and as they say, it only takes one ticket to win :-)

Posted by: Christian12 on October 12, 2017

Looks as if their have been complaints. Easier to log in today and first page was a survey on the contest. If you say that you have played before it then ask you about the complexity of the contest. Yesterday I had to try three different browsers before I could access the entry form.

Posted by: GL on October 13, 2017

Hopefully this year I can win at least a coupon. Their last contest I entered daily and didn't win even a coupon though a lot of other CG people did.

Posted by: anonymous on October 13, 2017

Awesome thanks Dinny! It worked. I had no idea there was a scrolling bar to the right of Guiseppe.

Posted by: oddbod on October 13, 2017

Great they have a npn entry option that doesn't involve an essay and stamps.

Posted by: muckymoo on October 13, 2017

Day 2 Oct 13. first attempt today ,I found him clicked submit, progressed to allocate ballot ;put 4 in box ; displays you forgot to allocate ballots. Unable to proceed beyond this

Posted by: winns229 on October 13, 2017

Finding 10 Giuseppes everyday until March is a lot of Giuseppes lol

Posted by: senns7 on October 13, 2017

This contest made me buy their pizza today LOL! Safeway (Calgary) all their pizzas for $3.99! Great deal.

Posted by: anonymous on October 13, 2017

Ok so I'm getting pretty fast at this now but is there a way you don't have to assign your ballots after every time you find Giuseppe? Thats what's really slowing me down. I timed myself it took 2minutes for 10 entries. I think without selecting ballots every time it could cut down even more.

Posted by: lemmiwinks on October 14, 2017

i haven't found a way around assigning the ballots after each game either.. it is kind of annoying!

Posted by: eriness on October 14, 2017

must have a valid drivers license, in order to win the van.

Posted by: anonymous on October 14, 2017

Contest sponsors need to realize that no matter how fun or innovative their contest is, no one wants to play the same thing for 6 months every day. You could have the most fun game in the world but it still gets annoying after a while lol.

Posted by: lemmiwinks on October 15, 2017

Very weird. I don't have to assign ballots everytime it keeps track of them for me even until the next day. The thing I hate is having to log in every time to play again.

Posted by: crobich on October 15, 2017

No submit button, please fix !!!!

Posted by: Ruth Dunlop on October 15, 2017

I got 6 ballots on one play today

Posted by: Beigewood on October 16, 2017

No working...not happy

Posted by: Theresa1965 on October 16, 2017

It's working now in Chrome at 7pm Eastern Time

Posted by: CreamyGoodness on October 16, 2017

Won a free pizza from them

Posted by: Parallel on October 18, 2017

I'm wondering if "my hubby can enter daily like. Me with his email

Posted by: anonymous on October 18, 2017

There is a total of 10 times to find Guiseppe each day. It took me all of 5 minutes to get those 10 games. I may not find him in time each time to gain 5 points, but I did at least only get one - 1 point win. I guess by the time this is over by each day I could reach 50 points per day. If everyone gives up on this contest the odds of winning become greater in my favor. - Anyone who wants to quit it's okay by me! Who's with me?

Posted by: GRANNYHIN 19 hours ago

I won a free pizza. I'm very surprised more people are putting ballots in for the X-Box than for Free Pizza for a Year because there are 10 draws for the pizza and only 5 for the X-Box, plus the pizza prize is worth more dollarwise. Are there that many people who don't like pizza? and that many contest players who play X-Box? I'm playing the odds and throwing 90% of my ballots in for the pizza.

Posted by: Dinny 18 hours ago

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