facebook or twitter to sign up as far as I could tell

Posted by: anonymous on February 6, 2018

Referral chain, 100 pts for referrals, here's mine:


Posted by: Bogdobbler on February 6, 2018

I used bogdobbler link. Here's my link


Posted by: Kmn711 on February 7, 2018

Used Kmn711's


Posted by: tina52 on February 7, 2018

used tina's


Posted by: amk on February 7, 2018

need fb or twitter

Posted by: newenglandlost on February 8, 2018

Used newenglanderlost Here's mine:


Posted by: silverone22 on February 10, 2018

Did anyone get their 100 points for referral? If you look in "my history", you can check if you received referral bonuses. I didn't get the the 100 points from tina52.

Posted by: Kmn711 on February 11, 2018

Here s mine


Posted by: granddad on February 11, 2018

Used granddad Here's mine:


Posted by: silverone22 on February 13, 2018

It states RECRUIT A FRIEND TO JOIN BOSCH ENVISION CHALLENGE. Since we JOINED the Fan program Envision Challenge when we first entered, we don't JOIN again each time we enter. So I would think the 100 point referrals are only for NEW ENTRANTS who join this Fan Program Envision Challenge. Since silverone previously joined and posted their link, I don't think granddad would have received his 100 bonus entries. If the next NEW ENTRANT agrees, and wants to be sure granddad gets his bonus entries, here is his link


Posted by: granddad

Posted by: Kmn711 on February 13, 2018

Thanks kmn!

Posted by: granddad on February 13, 2018

Used granddad, I'm a new entrant, mine is:


Posted by: RobinLea on February 18, 2018

Used robin's, here's mine:


Posted by: johnnyalright on February 19, 2018

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