An error has occurred. error

Posted by: dramaticmissy on February 19, 2018

yep me too.. error :/

Posted by: eriness on February 19, 2018

Same here

Posted by: Sonni on February 19, 2018

me too

Posted by: jjmm4 on February 19, 2018


Posted by: kap on February 20, 2018

Error message: An error has occurred. Not Found

Posted by: bamamiss on February 20, 2018

Wouldn t accept, said error occurred..
I did everything I was suppose to..

Posted by: iwyman on February 20, 2018

If you sign into your account and then go to the sweepstakes page, you can enter.

Posted by: dlroberts34 on February 20, 2018

signed in, still didn't work for me

An error has occurred. error

Posted by: kap on February 20, 2018

Same for me. Signed in and got error message.

Posted by: anonymous on February 20, 2018

error message from different devices even after signing in to account

Posted by: jcaasman on February 21, 2018

Problems have still not been resolved. Continue to get error messages.

Posted by: jcaasman on February 23, 2018


Posted by: scorpio on February 23, 2018

I was able to enter by skipping the lookup for the address and manually typing in my address.

Posted by: kszaraz on February 24, 2018

I entered on the following URL:

Posted by: kszaraz on February 24, 2018

Thanks, kszaraz. I was able to enter using the URL you gave.

Posted by: Squirmer on February 25, 2018


Posted by: Deb on February 25, 2018

My entry went through OK this morning :)

Posted by: scorpio on February 26, 2018

Thanks, kszaraz. I was able to enter using the URL you gave.

Posted by: kap on February 26, 2018

Transportation to and from the point of embarkment/disembarkment for cruises is not included.

Posted by: jmclou01 on March 3, 2018

An error has occurred. error

Posted by: anonymous on March 23, 2018

Got it to work finally

Posted by: iwyman on March 29, 2018

I was able to enter. Skipped the address look up and typed it in directly but only the amount that had come up in dark text.

Posted by: TynaLou on March 29, 2018

still error for me

Posted by: anonymous on April 7, 2018

Worked for me.

Posted by: SUZIEQ on April 8, 2018

Someone told me to clear my cache as that may be the problem. Will bug with that when I have time

Posted by: anonymous on April 8, 2018

Entered and now they are calling me -ugh! :-(

Posted by: luvyorangecat on May 4, 2018

I entered with no problem, hope they don't call me

Posted by: cbond58 on May 5, 2018

received an email saying I was a potential winner? Wanting me to sign an affidavit with who I work for and SIN number. Is this legit contest?

Posted by: m on June 7, 2018

I hope it's ligit; I sure could use a vacation!
Phone number is optional, yippie, no calls!

Posted by: trying2win on June 9, 2018

"Canadian Winners may be subject to withholding taxes and Canadian residents are responsible for the reporting and payment of any income tax. As a condition of accepting the prize, Winners agree to furnish any requested information needed for tax reporting."

This seems like the only reason they would ask you for your SIN number, m. So, did you win it? First time I've seen this "withholding tax" clause.

Posted by: sphinx69 on June 26, 2018

First I get a letter saying I am a potential winner. I scan the documents and send them(affivdavit from California and pick a cruise & SIN). Next I must send the original documents(same as above) to cruise center through the mail. How many affidavits do I have to sign? Seems like a marketing ploy. Backing off of this one. Once they get all my papers than they will let me know if I'm a winner

Posted by: m on June 27, 2018

That all sounds like pretty standard procedure for documentation on a big prize. You scan and email so they can start the verification process. The originals get mailed back so they have them on file. I'd say it sounds like you did win a cruise. Congrats!

Posted by: chuckecheez on July 11, 2018

Woot! woot!...won the cruise to Alaska! As a Canadian citizen had to answer skill testing question and no taxes added! Our first cruise for me and hubby!

Posted by: m on July 16, 2018


Posted by: sphinx69 on July 16, 2018

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