Stq 204?

Posted by: Lee93 on February 20, 2018

Yes 204

Posted by: gemstone on February 20, 2018

204 is the name of one of my cats! She is 204 of 259! I hope i win , since i can't find my old cell phone; too many cats, not enough cell phones.

Posted by: Lee94 on February 23, 2018

HaHa..good a name as any.

Posted by: joana on February 23, 2018

Why do they need to know who your current internet service provider is?

Posted by: jan123 on February 26, 2018

remember 99 on get smart?

Posted by: seadog on February 27, 2018

It's important to note for this one: "Each of the 20 winners will receive no more than one prize."

Entries do not carry over to the next week either. In other words, if you win a prize, you are not eligible to win the final prize of $20,000 in Week 20.

Posted by: Dinny on February 27, 2018

My Cat "204" is very sick and the only thing that will make her better this week, is a brand new PS4! Poor Kitty!

Posted by: Lee94 on March 6, 2018

204 is a HIPPO

Posted by: mastodon on May 16, 2018

Ummmm..... Has any member of ContestGirl actually won anything in this giveaway?
I'm hearing If'y things about this giveaway, that TekSavvy picks and chooses the prize giveaways to only go to people in their service area that area already customers/members, meaning, if you're in northern SK or live in Tuktoyaktuk you won't be a customer because there's no TekSavvy services there.
They move on until they draw a name that's checked and proven to already be a customer of theirs.

Heard this from a supposed TekSavvy Customer Service Representative via a popular Canadian Internet services forum that deals with internet services, cellular networks, plans and prices and providers forums.

So yeah, has anyone here won?
Or know of someone who has?
And are they indeed a TekSavvy customer? Or not a TekSavvy customer?

Thanks. ;)

Posted by: NotSureButIStillEnter on May 30, 2018

That rep sounds really ticked off at his company to say something like that. So I wonder if it was just someone trying to discourage others from entering the contest.

Posted by: sam2222 on June 5, 2018

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