Posted by: curmudgeon on March 1, 2018

Thank you!

Posted by: meggieb131 on March 1, 2018

"You must provide a code to enter the Giveaway, but entries featuring an incorrect code will still be accepted."

Posted by: Mary101 on March 1, 2018

Thanks curmudgeon!

Posted by: A.J. on March 1, 2018


Posted by: anonymous on March 1, 2018

ty ty

Posted by: anonymous on March 4, 2018

Thanks, curmudgeon.

Posted by: deedie on March 4, 2018

Regarding the "...incorrect code will still be accepted."; until they change the word "accepted" to "eligible" I continue to look for the correct codeword. "Accepted" may just be a reminder that there isn't an edit (to verify the word) built into the form. That language has appeared in most every ID sweep I've seen. Just a thought.

And, thank you, curmudgeon!

Posted by: LCascade on March 7, 2018


Posted by: sidetracker on March 9, 2018

Thank you, sidetracker.

Posted by: deedie on March 9, 2018

week of 3/19: INVESTIGATOR

Posted by: carol85 on March 20, 2018

Thank you, carol85!

Posted by: deedie 21 hours ago

Thanks carol185

Posted by: sidetracker 3 hours ago

Thank you Carol

Posted by: Kmn711 3 hours ago

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