do we enter each contest daily? this will be capcha h*ll

Posted by: anonymous on June 12, 2018

Yup and captcha appears usually have to click 4 photos within the grid of photos and goes thru

Posted by: anonymous on June 12, 2018

I sometimes just give up on the captchas unless it is a major prize. They sometimes go on for 4 or more screens. Ridiculous. Maybe I miss a car or a street or a sign because they are so darn dark and small and hard to make out, but the frustration factor is too much for smaller daily prize entries.

Posted by: iwinagain on June 12, 2018

I must be getting old lol. The problem captchas on this contest make me only enter for the comfy shoes .... someone else can win the necklace etc. lol.

Posted by: Shirley54 on June 12, 2018


1. Canvas Patio Collection - $849.99 value ... land-patio

2. Roots Leather Bag - $249 value ... -Roots-bag

3. HBC Striped Favourites - $230 value ... favourites

4. C LA Skin-Care Collection - $170 value ... -skin-line

5. Spence Diamond Pendant - $249 value ... ds-pendant

6. MEC 4-Person Tent - $479 value ... cabin-tent

7. Saje Diffuser Package - $184.90 value ... l-wellness

8. Cougar All-Weather Footwear - $200 value ... s-footwear

9. Bite Beauty Lip Care Package - $190 value ... ite-beauty

10. Penguin Random House 12 Canadian Books - $328.69 value ... use-canada

11. LINE Luxe Sweater - $395 value ... ne-sweater

12. MASTER Chef Stainless Steel BBQ - $500 value ... n-tire-bbq

Posted by: Parallel on June 13, 2018

Thanks, Parallel, but those links didn't work for me, so these are from entering:

canvas patio collection

Roots leather bag

Hudson Bay striped favourites

Cela skin line

Spence diamond pendant

MEC tent

Saje home diffuser package

Cougar footwear

Bite Beauty agave kit

Penguin Random House books

Line Knitwear sweater

Canadian Tire barbecue

Posted by: kimbilly on June 13, 2018

Thanks!!! Those worked great.

Posted by: kewlshopper on June 13, 2018

captchas are back on all contests lately.

Posted by: Flo on June 14, 2018

kimbilly thanks for sharing the links, much easier to enter

Posted by: j9 on June 14, 2018

Your welcome, guys, it just made sense!

Posted by: kimbilly on June 14, 2018

Got to #10 without a captcha

Posted by: marmalade on June 14, 2018

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