referral link:

Posted by: mimiboy on June 13, 2018

Used mimiboy

Posted by: wonderwhatif on June 13, 2018

Used mimiboy's, here's mine:

Posted by: Bogdobbler on June 13, 2018

Used Bogdobbler's... mine is:

Posted by: Marcus75 on June 13, 2018

used Marcus'

Posted by: goshogun on June 14, 2018

Used goshogun

Posted by: MeMe on June 14, 2018

I used MeMe, here's mine:

Posted by: sassygirl68 on June 14, 2018

Used sas:

Posted by: mog on June 14, 2018

I used yours sassygirl but I didn't get a link after I had entered. How do you get one?

Posted by: warrior1 on June 14, 2018

how is this a daily? am i missing something?

Posted by: meliahikes on June 14, 2018

Used mog, here's mine

Posted by: anon2 on June 14, 2018

How do you find your referral link? Nothing shows up after I enter my email.

Posted by: nancerelli on June 14, 2018

Used anon2
Please use mine

Posted by: bobbidollpdx on June 14, 2018

The link shows up in your email after you enter-I saw it too late to use for referrals.

Posted by: kimbilly on June 14, 2018

used kim's

Posted by: lgavin68 on June 14, 2018

used lg's

Posted by: badpenny94 on June 14, 2018

used badpenny's heres mine

Posted by: boo on June 14, 2018

Used boo's, mine is:

Posted by: roseville1 on June 14, 2018

Used roseville1's! Mine is:

Posted by: giordana on June 14, 2018

used giordana

after you use a link and Before you close the entry form, go to your email and get the code and return to enter your referral code below the persons you used..
Does this make sense? :) Hope it helps.

Posted by: BobsMum on June 16, 2018

I used Bobsmum's

Posted by: Roscoe2013 on June 16, 2018

used ^

Posted by: calla on June 19, 2018

Used calla

Posted by: Divet on June 19, 2018

used divet's

Posted by: anonymous on June 22, 2018

used anon here's ,mine

Posted by: gardener 17 hours ago

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