Answer for July 10th is The Vagus Nerve

Posted by: ContestaT on July 10, 2018


Posted by: skeetersden on July 10, 2018


Posted by: wonderwhatif on July 10, 2018

Thank you

Posted by: Flo on July 10, 2018

Thank you ContestaT!

Posted by: BadGirl on July 10, 2018

"Not available" - anyone else get this?

Posted by: wilson on July 11, 2018

I did, Wilson

Posted by: warrior1 on July 11, 2018

***deleted--let's just keep on topic and not go there CG

Posted by: wilson on July 11, 2018


Posted by: dtfirn1 on July 11, 2018

many thanks

Posted by: scorpio on July 11, 2018

Although our politics and other views may differ, I do agree with skater425. We should probably keep criticism of politics and religion from this site to keep it friendly for all.
Thanks for the answer dtfrn1!

Posted by: kimbilly on July 11, 2018

this is a contesting site there are many other forums you can comment on your political views. Thanks for the answer and good luck to everyone

Posted by: Alysha M on July 11, 2018

hockey fanatic.

Posted by: dtfirn1 on July 12, 2018

Thank you, dtfrn1

Posted by: wilson on July 12, 2018

Thank you

Posted by: mc2016 on July 12, 2018

Scott Wolf

Posted by: lyndac68 on July 13, 2018

Thanks lyndac!

Posted by: majere880 on July 13, 2018

Thanks lyndac68

Posted by: Flo on July 13, 2018

Enter only weekdays Mon thru Fri .no weekend entries.

Posted by: JOYADAMS on July 15, 2018

Anyone have today's word

Posted by: sj7 6 hours ago

Their show in CA wasn't shown yesterday -- it was pre-empted showing Trump's visit with the Queen! Sorry!

Posted by: Patti 5 hours ago

I think that it's Corn Flakes today

Posted by: wilson 4 hours ago

Thank you Wilson

Posted by: Flo 3 hours ago

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