Participaction - 150 Play List Contest

Participaction - 150 Play List Contest
Prize: a Chevrolet vehicle, worth up to $40,000. There are also 13 monthly travel experience prizes, worth from $2,684 and $4,400, or 470 weekly prizes of Garmin Vio Fit 3 devices, $100 MEC gift cards, $100 Tim Hortons gift cards, or Fairmont 1-night stay certificates, worth from $100 to $278. Website signup is required, then you can log in and track activities listed in the 150 activity list to gain additional entries.
Restrictions:  13 or older--1 entry per activity, with a daily maximum of 10 entries, and a program limit of 3,910 entries.
Value: $40000
Frequency: You can enter more than once but read the rules
End Date: December 2, 2017posted on January 6, 2017
Thanks to: JennP for telling me about this one


what an opportunity for those in the contesting community who love to cheat!

Posted by: anonymous on January 6, 2017

I agree, it's great to promote fun activity but many will cheat to try and win

Random draw so that's encouraging

Posted by: anonymous on January 6, 2017

except those who cheat will have tons of ballots since they will say that they did every activity and they did not so their chance of winning will be much much higher than someone who does not cheat

Posted by: anonymous on January 6, 2017

The Submit button not working right now to complete your entry registration. I tried to fill out the technical contact us form and that submit button not working either.

Posted by: ginaf on January 6, 2017

I am getting 2 entries...Housework and Walking ..that is all.

Posted by: WandaJeanP on January 7, 2017

I cannot seem to fill out my profile. still techno difficulties it appears.

Posted by: heavenlee on January 7, 2017

Do we get anything for doing the same activity over and over? I do housework everyday.

Posted by: Marina123 on January 7, 2017

Marina I believe so, I just did "Housework" and "Walking" and gained 2 more entries..for a total of 5 entries.At least I will have some entries not 160 like some already do lol

Posted by: WandaJeanP on January 8, 2017

there is no way those people are doing 10 activities every day

Posted by: wishfulthinking on January 8, 2017

oops I did my activity for all week last week because it was my 1st time entering

Posted by: Nicole on January 8, 2017

ahhh, if only it was summer, I'd have so many more entries. Not sure its even worth entering this one...

Posted by: lnelson8 on January 8, 2017

Thanks Wanda Mean. That's great we get credit for the same activities. Some of these are quick and easy. The side reach just takes a minute. :)

Posted by: Marina123 on January 9, 2017

Lol. Sorry Wanda Jean. Stupid auto fill. 🤗

Posted by: Marina123 on January 9, 2017

lol its ok made me laugh

Posted by: WandaJeanP on January 10, 2017

Wow, some of the “leaders” have so many points. The winner better look like a triathlete and be able to crack walnuts with their butt cheeks.

Posted by: CateAteMyDogma on January 10, 2017

Lol CatAteMyDogma

Posted by: WandaJeanP on January 11, 2017

While the people at the top of the leaderboard might be a bit of a stretch for activities, I think most people should be able to get at least a handful every day. For example, this morning I took my baby to swimming lessons (swimming), came home and cleaned up the kitchen and family room while she napped (housework). This afternoon I'll take the dog for a walk (dog walking).. toss a couple handfuls of snow at the dog (snowball fight), and shovel our front walkway (shoveling snow), and walk to the mailbox to pick up the mail (walking). That's what I like about this contest (and Participaction overall) - you don't necessarily have to be an athlete in order to get lots of entries, or to be physically active every day.

Posted by: laurcorbs on January 12, 2017

laurcorbs, I like how you think-I have done the same thing. I walked my dogs up the road(walking, dog walking) onto a trail in the bush(hiking), did housework did the side stretches, and my water is frozen, so I am on reserve and have to bucket flush(weight-lifting). It's not cheating, it makes you aware of how much you are or are not moving, and maybe gets you to do a little extra.

Posted by: kimbilly on January 12, 2017

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