Texture - $2,500 Contest

Texture - $2,500 Contest
Prize: $2,500 or one of seven prizes of a $100 gift card. This one has a very simple entry form, just your name and email address. You can get bonus entries each day by uploading a photo. You do not need to upload a photo for your first entry.
Value: $2500
Frequency: Daily Entry
End Date: August 18, 2017posted on July 17, 2017
Thanks to: JillieN for telling me about this one


You have to upload a photo

Posted by: Beigewood on July 17, 2017


Posted by: Parallel on July 17, 2017

You can do a photo once per day or get bonus entries for time spent reading on the Texture app. This is odd entry.

Posted by: kristif on July 17, 2017

Aug 18 end date

Posted by: anonymous on July 17, 2017

I moved it to daily and added something to the description to say you do not need to upload a photo for your first entry. You can get bonus entries if you do. I also fixed the end date.

Thanks everyone. Good luck.

Posted by: Contestgirl on July 17, 2017

"Make sure to use the e-mail address associated with your Texture account to earn your entry into the contest"

So, you have to subscribe, or?

Posted by: wakarimasen on July 23, 2017

I've got a newsletter now. Click here to find out about it.