Clayton Homes - Holiday Cash Giveaway

Clayton Homes - Holiday Cash Giveaway
Prize: $5,000 or one of eight secondary prizes of $500.
Restrictions:  no AK, FL, HI or NY
Value: $5000
Frequency: Weekly Entry
End Date: December 3, 2017posted on October 2, 2017


I got a phone call from Clayton after I entered this sweep. There tsn't a way to opt out, as you must agree to the rules and that also gives them the OK to contact you.

Posted by: curmudgeon on October 2, 2017

Thanks for the heads up!

Posted by: frugalhotspotA on October 2, 2017

i got a phone call also

Posted by: anonymous on October 3, 2017

This is why this is one of the better websites. You get feedback from other sweepers and we all end up happier. Thanks for the warning on the calls. That is one of the reasons I don't enter some contests.

Posted by: Gunner on October 6, 2017

My Norton Antivirus software warned me to be aware of this website.

Posted by: Joshua1987 on October 8, 2017

My Norton didn't give me a warning

Posted by: anonymous on October 14, 2017

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