Thermos - Holiday Gift Giving Contest

Thermos - Holiday Gift Giving Contest
Prize: one of 12 Thermos prize packs worth $220.
Restrictions:  24hr Age of Majority--no QC
Requires:  Facebook
Value: $220
Frequency: Daily Entry
End Date: November 30, 2017posted on November 14, 2017
Thanks to: Parallel for telling me about this one


Link isn t working for me

Posted by: soithensaid on November 14, 2017

worked fine for me

Posted by: lizmur on November 14, 2017

24 hr contest

Posted by: warrior1 on November 15, 2017

These facebook contests where it lets you enter WITHOUT having a facebook account are better than those contests that make you login to facebook.
Just my opinion...obviously because I don't have/want facebook.
what do you think?

Posted by: RobO on November 15, 2017

I agree RobO and I have a FB account. I don't like tagging my friends and sharing contest posts with them. I guess I could create a FB account just for contests but that is next level! I avoid them unless they are just a basic entry form.

Posted by: luckbealady on November 15, 2017

I tried to enter this morning 11/20 and it would not allow any posting.
The site; when I clicked Holiday Promotion, said thank you for entering.
Don't think site is working appropriately. Will try later today

Posted by: Financial123 on November 20, 2017

if the contest does not work then perhaps you should get a new computer..

Posted by: bigben on November 20, 2017

Financial123 you don't need a new computor same thing happened to me tried a different browser form came up but when i entered said Sorry, you can only enter once every 24 hours. Please try again later! so i forgot its a 24hr contest so will enter after 24 hrs, when you have a problem with the form not coming up try a different browser

Posted by: jiidii on November 20, 2017

Says they will be contacting winners. Looks like the contest is over.

Posted by: majere8808 on November 21, 2017

bigben, with that theory we'd be getting new computers at least once a week!!
Yes, it's usually browser, or try restarting the computer, or throwing it against a wall at just the right angle hahaha

Posted by: RobO 19 hours ago

My mistake contest is not over.

Posted by: majere8808 10 hours ago

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