Sabra - NFL Giveaway

Sabra - NFL Giveaway
Prize: one of 10 prizes of a Sabra Super Bowl prize pack, including an exclusive NFL and Sabra branded serving platter and coupons for free Sabra products, worth $111.
Restrictions:  Age of Majority--no QC
Requires:  Facebook
Value: $111
Frequency: Daily Entry
End Date: January 22, 2018posted on January 11, 2018
Thanks to: Parallel for telling me about this one


wow...facebook posts are being judged. Not even a random selection for winners.
Don't have FB anyways, so N/A to me...but this seems like a new way contests are going.
And just to state it once again....I HATE all the FB/twitter?instagram contest. Wish contest organizers would go back to traditional entry methods.

Posted by: RobO on January 11, 2018

I don't like them either!

Posted by: Beigewood on January 11, 2018

A 24-hour Facebook comment contest? That's a first.

Posted by: nancy2880 on January 11, 2018

I agree RobO. I don't have enough time for FB, twitter and instagram so I don't bother with those contests either.

Posted by: Sodacrackers on January 11, 2018

I agree, I don't like Facebook contests much, I just do some of the ones Linda lists, I don't do twitter or instagram and I enter all contests for myself only. I am in the group of contestors that entered contests years ago when they were all mail in entries, no computers then. I did well at that time, it is much harder to win now, but I still enjoy the hobby and love to read all of the comments on here.

Posted by: lin13 on January 12, 2018

Right on lin13, back in the day (10 years ago) the mail in entries were the best of times!!
I haven't seen a mail-in entry contest anywhere (stores, ads, etc) for years. Wonder if they exist?

Posted by: RobO on January 12, 2018

very rarely RobO do mail in contests exist anymore..sometimes in a contest posted in the rules is a non purchase or non online entry quoted..usually requires a many worded essay..have done them myself..found them a waste of time and postage! i to do not like all the other avenues of contesting out there now...even working hard at it is so tough to win...! sometimes feel like quitting..but my stubborn persistent nature keeps me at it..still wishing and hoping for something that might make a huge difference in our financial life..;)

Posted by: anonymous on January 14, 2018

ya I hear ya anonymous. Although, the only "huge difference in our financial life" would come from the lottery...but those odds are like 1 in 20 million!! I sometime just imagine what that would be like, especially when you see the stories on the news of the person who just won 7 million, or 30 I guess a whole other set of issues come up right the family and friends looking for their supposed (expected) share.

Posted by: RobO on January 14, 2018

RobO my cousin won the lottery. He split 18mil with some colleagues. He didn't win enough to retire but was young and paid off his house and then upgraded to a bigger house/yard when he had kids. He also got a harley for himself and his brother haha. My cousin is the reason I play the lottery haha.

Posted by: Bexx on January 14, 2018

18 million not enough to retire...huh??? Are you kidding me?
Hey which lottery was it..Powerball?

Posted by: RobO on January 14, 2018

i won one of the prizes.

Posted by: luckyone 20 minutes ago

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