Caesarstone - Google Home Mini Giveaway

Caesarstone - Google Home Mini Giveaway
Prize: a weekly prize of a Google Home Mini. link is to rules enter on their Twitter page when post goes up weekly. You can enter on Twitter here.
Restrictions:  Age of Majority--no QC
Requires:  Twitter
Value: $100
Frequency: Weekly Entry
End Date: June 30, 2018posted on May 30, 2018
Thanks to: Parallel for telling me about this one


Entry can be made only on Mondays. Last question tweeted on July 3rd.

Posted by: nancy2880 on June 2, 2018

I wonder if anyone else besides me gets locked out of twitter. I was on vacation for over couple weeks and did only few tweets since I came back. Was retweeting for a contest and got locked out for my behavior. I have no cell phone for text to get a code, So I sent message and probably have to wait a few days for them to get back to me again.

Posted by: Flo on June 3, 2018

anyone have the answer?

Posted by: anonymous on June 4, 2018

Answer was
wooden bench made from reclaimed wood

Posted by: Parallel on June 5, 2018

You have to be the first to comment in order to win

Posted by: senns7 on June 8, 2018

No, senns7. There is a draw from all those who answered correctly and submitted their reply on the Monday only. (Rules state Pacific Time Zone.)

Posted by: nancy2880 on June 17, 2018

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