Graco - Convertible Car Seat Contest

Graco - Convertible Car Seat Contest
Prize: one of 10,000 instant win prizes including five prizes of a Graco child's car set worth $350 each. The other prizes are discount coupons worth between $1 and $10 each.
Value: $349
Frequency: Daily Entry
End Date: June 30, 2018posted on June 12, 2018


Graco is also running another contest as well

Posted by: hehehehe on June 12, 2018

That contest was posted on June 10.

Posted by: kthorn62 on June 12, 2018

Even though it does not state that you have to fill in Birth date/due date, it will not accept "enter" without it, I used my youngest daughters date in 1988 and it took it....

(i) enter your full name, valid email address, and postal code; (ii) correctly
answer the mathematical skill testing question; and (iii) signify your agreement that you have read and agree to be legally bound
by these Rules. Next, click the Submit button to to activate the digital spin wheel (the Spin Wheel ). Once the submit button
is pressed, you must watch a product video to reveal a result (the Result ) which will be displayed on-screen.

Posted by: BobsMum on June 12, 2018

Your 29 year old needs a car seat? Lol won't that look a bit odd if you win? Good luck

Posted by: anonymous on June 13, 2018

No Anon, but her child could use a new one.

Posted by: BobsMum on June 16, 2018

BobsMum then why not use the child's birthdate as opposed to your daughter's. That seems to make more sense.

Posted by: anonymous on June 17, 2018

i got a$10 off coupon

Posted by: jane1986 on June 18, 2018

Agreed with anon... Use the due date.

Posted by: anonymous on June 18, 2018

what the hell , just spin the wheel and all the slots says thanks for playing. lol.

Posted by: givemefreestuff on June 19, 2018

Same here givemefreestuff - is it maybe because they are already out of instawin prizes for the day?? Just an idea because I have never seen a prize on the wheel lol just all "Thanks for Playing" xD

Posted by: cassylee on June 21, 2018

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