getting page not found from this link.

This is the one I found at their FB page-


Posted by: GrtWhtNorth on February 5, 2018

Thanks GrtWhtNorth : )

Posted by: LPPMI on February 6, 2018

Thank you!

Posted by: carly5000 on February 10, 2018

Thanks Grt!

Posted by: majere880 on February 12, 2018

The link shown on the rules shows an error notice. The correct link is:

Posted by: GL on February 12, 2018

Thanks--I've fixed it.

Posted by: Contestgirl on February 12, 2018

I'm not able to access it

Posted by: stpmtch53 on March 14, 2018

LINK I used today!

Posted by: madcanadian on April 17, 2018

Config does not exist

Posted by: sidetracker on May 16, 2018

Is this the same Remington company that claimed bankruptcy, earlier on this year?

Posted by: Anon1 on May 30, 2018

No that would be the gun maker.. lol

Posted by: Parallel on June 4, 2018

The page can't be found for me. I click on the link provided in the rules and it isn't found either. Anyone have a working link?

Posted by: jmclou01 on June 6, 2018

I messaged them and told them it has been down for quite some time lol
I won their contest last year of a detangler pretty interesting contraption lol

Posted by: mastodon on June 7, 2018

they said that they were having technical difficulties and were working on it !!

Posted by: mastodon on June 14, 2018

guess they will never really get around to it lol

Posted by: mastodon on June 21, 2018

see their main FB page for entering need to like and comment on their post

Posted by: Platform on August 17, 2018

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