If they read the comment part of the submission, I have no shot at winning this one. Just wasn't in the mood to come up with a bunch of BS.

Posted by: anonymous on January 8, 2019

sweepstakes - random drawing

contest - skill required (essay)

HOWEVER, the winner of the Ford PBR Hall of Fans Contest
CANNOT also win the Sweepstakes prize.

prize for sweepstakes:
trip LV, NV + Ford F-150 NTE $50K

prize for contest:
you can not win the Ford F-150, but
a separate trip LV, NV plus a certificate of induction
into the inaugural Ford PBR Hall of Fans

contest entry info:
after you submit a sweepstakes entry
a pop-up window gives you the chance
to enter the contest portion of the promo

you can accept (need 250 word essay)
or decline (No Thanks)

Posted by: anonymous on January 9, 2019

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