Does anyone have Twitter codes???

Posted by: jackrabbit on June 7, 2019

It says you can play daily to increase your chances. So move to Daily perhaps

Posted by: crobich on June 7, 2019

I didn't see any FB or Twitter codes yet

Posted by: Beigewood on June 8, 2019

have all the points by just playing the game.

Posted by: Jetta on June 10, 2019

Shoppers Role Modeling hopefully more generous I never won with Shoppers.

Posted by: Lisa1954 on June 11, 2019

Two of the codes are

"Savings" "Money"

Posted by: Kerrismom on June 13, 2019

Thank you!

Posted by: jackrabbit on June 13, 2019

Thank you Kerrismom!

Posted by: lin13 on June 14, 2019

Finances is another word :)

Posted by: birdie0322 on June 19, 2019

Should this not be under 'Daily'? Doesn't appear to be a restriction on entering every day unless I missed that in the rules??

Posted by: Camelot5 on June 21, 2019

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