I couldn't find anything in the rules requiring a motorcycle license but they ask if you have one. Easy enough form, but probably a waste of time for those of us without a license.

Posted by: sweepsaddict on June 9, 2019

It's open to anyone, regardless, They're a lawyers group, so I'd imagine they went over the rules and would have specified if it did. There are plenty of car sweeps that don't require a license. I recently entered other motorcycle contests from HD dealers, even HD itself, and one from a bike safety course, and they didn't require a license.

Posted by: ScottB on June 9, 2019

There might be laws that vary from state to state about title and registration. My state doesn't care who owns, or registers, the vehicle, as long as the paperwork and fees are taken care of. But what the law is in another state, I couldn't say, but again, the rules don't require the winner to be licensed.

Posted by: ScottB on June 9, 2019

ScottB requiring a license and adhering to a true "random" drawing are two different things. No one is regulating these promotions. There are promotions geared toward pregnant women that, according to the rules, are open to men as well. Somehow when you scroll through their Past Winners you never see a man's name.

Posted by: sweepsaddict on June 9, 2019

sweepaddict -
I agree with Scott B. It is not mentioned in the rules about having a motorcycle license to enter.However, you must answer the question whether you have a motorcycle license. You MUST COMPLETE THE FORM, so click Yes if you have the license OR no if you do not and you will have a complete entry. If you don't answer that question, the form is not complete and it is void.
Good luck, all. By the way, in today's world, you can't discriminate by sex. Notice couples say that, "we" are pregnant." So both men in a gay couple having a surrogate carry the baby are "pregnant" and can enter the contest geared to pregnant women.

Posted by: cabn44 on June 10, 2019

cabn44. I never made the statement that the form wasn't valid if you select that you do not have a license. Nor did I suggest that it isn't a valid entry for a man to enter a contest geared toward pregnant women.

Today's world has nothing to do with Contest world. If you have any examples (winners lists that show a target audience member did not win) that could squash my cynicism, then please share.

The form was easy and a one time effort, so I clicked enter and earned my entry. I just don't expect a non licensed driver to win.

Posted by: sweepsaddict on June 10, 2019

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