says not safe

Posted by: idosew on July 2, 2019

got the same

Posted by: stardancer on July 2, 2019

Posted by: Parallel on July 2, 2019

Do you think they'd accept a picture of my dogs? They're my furry children...

Posted by: spike1jg on July 2, 2019

Would you think it's ok if I stopped a random stranger on the street pushing a stroller and asked if I could take a picture with their baby?

Posted by: JohnInNYC on July 3, 2019

says photo may not contain any animals, spike1jg. and no, John, the kid has to be your kid.

Posted by: doves on July 3, 2019

Too funny, JohnInNYC! And doves - I was just kidding.

Posted by: spike1jg on July 4, 2019

My referral link for +1

Posted by: OTmom on July 5, 2019

Used otmom, please use mine

Posted by: LauraYeates on July 7, 2019

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