This game is really fun. I won a Rockstar drink.

Posted by: rubensraven on July 10, 2019

it would be better is Giuseppe was on the other side of the desk

Posted by: seadog on July 10, 2019

You can also play it online (on your PC)

Posted by: searle1966 on July 10, 2019

Four drinks and a chocolate bar so far!

Posted by: olga on July 11, 2019

Where did the other thread go? There was a discussion re trouble redeeming. I was in a Circle K today on Huronia Rd in South Barrie, they had they sticker re the contest on the door and no trouble at all redeeming. I mentioned that people were having some trouble redeeming and he said it was because when the contest started, they were getting errors when scanning the wins but that everyone should be accepting at this point. This was a store with Gas Station.

Posted by: luv2win on July 11, 2019

I had about 4 days worth of wins to redeem and then I bought a lottery ticket and the guy said "coupon for this too?" lol

Posted by: jam on July 11, 2019

well I got excited for nothing, went into Circle K, the clerk scanned my win barcode and then I went and got the drink, he scanned that too. Said "I don't know how this works, next customer" And that is the end of that. RUDE! I sent an email but doubt I will hear back.

Posted by: rubensraven on July 11, 2019

Have won drinks & choc bars but just curious. Can u redeem more than one per day?

Posted by: wildthing58 on July 11, 2019

@wildthing58 - Yes you can redeem more than 1/day. I redeemed 2 yesterday. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you can do up to 5 or 6 a day.

Posted by: Semschette on July 11, 2019

I have been entering with my landline , no cell phone , so hopes this doesn't make a difference ?

Posted by: birdie0322 on July 11, 2019

thanks semschette.

Posted by: wildthing58 on July 12, 2019

I think you need a mobile number because they text the coupon prizes, don't they?

Posted by: Dinny on July 12, 2019

yes you need to give them a mobile # bc the coupon is ditigal

Posted by: Platform on July 12, 2019

2 chocolate bars and 2 drinks. This one is fun

Posted by: bspry35 on July 12, 2019

I have used 3 in one transaction with no issues at the cash. Except my winning bar codes don't scan, they have to type them in.

Posted by: Bdekoker on July 13, 2019

I've won a bunch in the QC one, but generally the employees are clueless.

Posted by: wonderwhatif on July 13, 2019

yes you definitely need a mobile number for this one!

For weekly and grand prizes: Selected participants will be contacted by text message with instructions on how to claim their Prize

Posted by: Beigewood on July 13, 2019

I have won 8 prizes so far, mixed variety of things froster, chocolate bars, energy drinks, water

Posted by: GG on July 14, 2019

thx semschette. I win something almost every day so there are a lot of prizes. One clerk was wearing a RockPaper promo tag but didn't know how to redeem for the freebie. He did phone someone. Made me smile, ha.

Posted by: wildthing58 9 hours ago

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