Referral chain - please use my link:



Posted by: warrior1 on July 12, 2019

Referral link does not take you to contest

Posted by: kahuna on July 12, 2019

figured out why warrior's didn't work. remove the //
my link

Posted by: theponyhalf on July 12, 2019

Used theponyhalf

Mine is /

Posted by: Minima1 on July 12, 2019

Used minima but the links are the same.

Stop chain

Posted by: Frizzabella on July 12, 2019

used Frizzabella

Posted by: dudeashcraft on July 12, 2019

I used dude's; mine is:


Yeah, the links are all the same.

Posted by: wilson on July 12, 2019

used wilson


Posted by: jasonkinnin on July 13, 2019

used jasonkinnin

Posted by: windycitylaura on July 13, 2019

Not real referral, links are the same :(

Posted by: wonderwhatif on July 13, 2019

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