FYI, fellow contesters. This reads as daily in the rules, but when you go to enter a 2nd time, it says can only enter once. I have emailed WD for clarification.

Posted by: AnnaBanana46 on January 21, 2020

I had the same problem even though it states ENTRIES: Limit one (1) entry per person per day for each Sweepstakes.

Posted by: Mary1943 on January 21, 2020

Ditto on the difficulty entering a second time!

Posted by: jinxsmom1 on January 21, 2020

I have been e-mailing them for the past 4 days (at 3 different e-mail addresses - to date no fix. Perhaps Contest Girl can help with this.

Posted by: GRANNYHIN on January 21, 2020

Linda cant help. this is a hearst magazine giveaway and these giveaway sites are usually run by the intern of the week, usually a journalism student. they re-use their website pages and someone has reused a blank one time only page and put these new draws this week on it. Its really difficult to get anyone at Hearst to fix a page once it has gone up.

Posted by: Shirley54 on January 21, 2020

Ditto what Shirley54 says! The intern doesn't last long either. I won once, many moons ago, and got a completely different prize than what I had won. No luck contacting anyone and just gave up. Ended up selling the prize on ebay.

Posted by: mdanieli on January 21, 2020

I won a trip for two to Vermont from Hearst Magazine a few years ago, along with 2 expensive Orvis fly fishing rods. The trip was wonderful! The only issue I had with Hearst Magazine was the value attached to the prize. I priced out everything myself & they over-valued it by $2000. I called them on it, & they were very accommodating & sent me a second 1099 with corrected amount so my taxes would be lower. I sold the fly rods after the trip on eBay for $1000, to cover my taxes, so it was a win-win for me.

Posted by: Cathleen on January 22, 2020


Posted by: GRANNYHIN on January 22, 2020

thats great Cathleen. Our wins up here in Canada are tax free. I have won quite a bit of stuff off of Hearst giveaways over the years No trips but tons of gift boxes of shampoos or cleaning supplies. I did win a huge propane heater for a patio one year and they couldnt ship it to Canada so they sent me a cheque for the value in u.s. funds which was pretty nice cash is always good!

Posted by: Shirley54 on January 22, 2020

Congratulations Cathleen and Shirley on your wins through Hearst !

Posted by: Mindy78 on January 23, 2020

Shirley 54 when I won the trip to Scottsdale last year, a painting was part of the prize. When it came there was a ton of tax due so I refused it but only after I spoke to Customs who told me that while cash and trips are tax free, goods are not, even if won in a contest. So, I don't know if you got lucky and things have slipped through or if the agent I spoke to was wrong. It makes me re-think some of the contests I enter for that reason though.

Posted by: sporti883 on January 23, 2020

Oh! I forgot why I came here to the comments LOL! I also got the message saying I can only enter once.

Posted by: sporti883 on January 23, 2020

Good points, everyone.

There is a difference between a charge at the border for Customs and an amount on the income tax. I have had to pay duty for items at the border, but when I contacted the sponsor, they paid for it. They didn't want a 'winner' to have to pay anything for their prize.

Posted by: ronnieg on January 24, 2020

ronnieg the tourism people in Arizona shipped the painting to me and it was the tax on the declared value I had to pay, just as if I had purchased it. And since they had valued the painting so high and shipped it UPS, it would have cost me about $550. The UPS brokerage fee was $125, the rest was the tax. I refused it, especially as I hadn't even seen it. I was glad I did. It was not my taste at all.

Posted by: sporti883 on January 28, 2020

Has anyone been able to enter more than once. Also has anyone heard from Hearst about entering more than once?

Posted by: jinxsmom1 on January 28, 2020

Grannyhin, what is the email address, please?

Posted by: wilson on February 1, 2020

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