Insure My - #InsureMyFridays Giveaway

Insure My - #InsureMyFridays Giveaway
Prize: a weekly prize of $20 gas card. Check their Friday contest post each week.
Restrictions:  ON and AB only
Requires:  Facebook
Value: $20
Frequency: Weekly Entry
End Date: December 31, 2018posted on April 25, 2018
Thanks to: SuzanneD for telling me about this one


Won the $20 gas card. Got it in a couple of days.

Posted by: Pansy on May 8, 2018

Congratulations Pansy!

Posted by: lin13 on May 11, 2018

They are incredibly awesome to deal with. I won a $20 Esso card and then won a Mother's Day Chocolate Gift Basket. They're very generous.

Posted by: Suzanne D on May 25, 2018

Congrats ladies on the wins. Now I have a strange craving for chocolate, hmmm....

Posted by: sam2222 on June 2, 2018

Wish I could have shared, Sam..but it was that good.

Posted by: anonymous on June 3, 2018

I havent been seeing any contest posts since a few weeks ago

Posted by: Shosh1 on June 29, 2018

Ever since the car detailing contest I haven't seen any either.

Posted by: sam2222 on June 29, 2018

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