David's Bridal - Win Your Wedding Sweepstakes

David's Bridal - Win Your Wedding Sweepstakes
Prize: $25,000 cash or a weekly prize of a $1,200 David's Bridal gift card.
Restrictions:  18 or older--currently planning a wedding and/or are engaged to be married
Value: $25000
Frequency: Weekly Entry
End Date: January 31, 2019posted on December 23, 2018


I thought David's filed chapter 11? Am I wrong??? (It'd be the first time in 65 years...)

Posted by: elliott on December 23, 2018

You maintain the streak of being right about the Chapter 11, but it is for restructuring to reduce debts. It will be business as usual for them.

Posted by: BT on December 23, 2018

If the BK hasn't been discharged, then all assets & liabilities - including this sweep - are under the control of the Court & the expenditure must be approved by the court.

Posted by: anonymous on December 23, 2018

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