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Welcome to my sweepstakes web site. I'm Linda.

Today is Sunday, October 20 and I have 3,034 sweepstakes listed - 53 new in the past 24 hours.

Here's the Winners List for October 17th.

Sara A won a trip for four to Kenya, worth $25,000 from the Rubbermaid LunchBlox Back to School contest.
Penny won a Tempur-Pedic mattress, a Hoover Onepwr Blade kit, and a Spotless GO kit, all worth $3,150 from the Tempur-pedic Canada Technology of Sleep contest; a tower speaker from the Ruffles/Doritos & Budweiser Open Pour Go contest, a $10 Sport Chek gift card from the BioSteel Score Like Connor contest, movie passes for two to an advanced screening of Ad Astra; dishes and spoons for four, a scoop, cones and toppings, and coupons for ice cream from the Natrel Lactose Free Ice Cream contest, Shoppers Optimum points worth $1,000 from their Win $1,000 in Points contest; a pizza rocker in the Fresh for the Grill with Fleischman's contest, and lots of smaller food prizes from Circle K.
kroff won a 5-night stay at Now Emerald Cancun from
Alisha L won a Roomba #5 wifi-connected robotic vacuum from the Georgia 811 Roomba giveaway.
maxnc won a $500 pre-paid debit card from the Tostitos Game Day Every Day promotion.
Tyne C won a $200 Home Depot card from Tailgate Nation instant win' an adulting transition pack worth $136, including an inflatable chair, a shower curtain, a Hawaiian shirt, and a can-delier (chandelier made from Keystone Light cans) from the Keystone Lite sweepstakes; dill pickles and chips worth $55 from the Real Fill on Instagram Tag to Win contest; and a $3 coupon from the Sunny D Back to School sweepstakes.
AE312 and Ellyn won a $300 cooler from the Pacifico Cooler sweepstakes.
Jennifer T won a $250 Visa gift certificate from Pfister.
ToddH won a pair of concert tickets to Morrissey in October, worth $200 from Exclaim.
tripper2365 won a $55 Burger King gift card from the Coca-Cola Stranger Things sweepstakes, and a copy of Filigrees Midnight Ride from the Batch of Books sweepstakes.
Alex won 2 $50 Burger King e-gift card codes, Bodie won a $65 gift card, and Julie B won a $55 Burger King e-card from the Coca-Cola Sip & Scan Stranger Things sweepstakes.
MrsMichelle won a makeup kit from the Garnier No Tricks, Just Treats instant win game sweepstakes
BadGirl won a $50 Sports Chek gift card, matinee won a $25 gift card and janicour, Deb11, Edie2010, hipfanatic, Sharona and chalbe each won a $10 gift card from the Biosteel Sportchek Score Like Connor contest
Becsam won a $50 Crate & Barrel gift card from the Hidden Valley What's For Dinner sweepstakes
Julie S won facial cleanser from the Garnier instant win game, and An Illustrated Atlas of the Star Wars Universe book worth $25 from the Ziploc sweepstakes.
QueenMom and Jessica F won a football from the Frigo Cheese Heads Winning Combos sweepstakes.
jray000 won a football from the Coca-Cola Fall Football Instant Win sweepstakes
tripper2365 won an Autonomous LED desk lamp from the Android Central giveaway.
doves won a Fireball Whisky costume from the Fireball Halloween Costume sweepstakes.
tripper2365 won a $25 Visa gift card from the T20 Radom Podcast contest.
Donette9 and Jeunese won a t-shirt from the The University of Texas & UFCU Spin to Win Game contest
extinguisherjoe won a Gatorade water bottle from their Custom GX Bottle instant win game sweepstakes.
icecrazy17 won a $10 Dairy Queen gift card from the Brisk Win With Brisk Instant Win contest.
Lots of people are winning prizes in the Circle K Pepsi & Lays Rock Paper Prizes contest.

Congratulations to all. I update this list every Thursday so if you win something, send me an email at and tell me about it. I'll add you to next week's list.

For those of you who are new to this site, let me tell you a bit about myself: I love to enter online sweepstakes and I love to win, even if it's something small like a movie ticket or a football. I spend hours each day finding and entering contests on the web and I've won lots of prizes. I have won trips, Xbox 360s (2 of them), electronics, books, games and much more. Every once in a while something turns up in my email box telling me I've won another contest and sometimes I'm surprised when I pick up my regular mail and find a prize parcel that has arrived unannounced. It's a lot of fun.

There are thousands of sweepstakes and contests online. Most are legitimate and are run by reputable companies but others can be shady and are simply a way of gathering email addresses. The trick is to find the good ones and this is where I can help. I do my best to find the most interesting contests and sweepstakes and list them here on my web site. My work will save you hours.

If you're going to start entering contests online, there's some things you should know - like how to get your browser to fill in forms automatically. Check out the link Contest Tips to find out how to do this along with other tips I'd like to pass on to you.

This website is still a bit of a work in progress. I have been updating the sweepstakes lists daily and I have plans to add new features as time goes on so please come back often.

I love to win and so will you. When you win something, send me a note and I'll add your name to the winners list above.

Enjoy, and good luck.


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